Multi-Family Real Estate Opportunities in Nashville, TN: Best Areas & Types of Development

“Multi-family real estate” refers to any building in which multiple owners or renters can live in separate, independent spaces. Multi-family real estate includes both residential properties, such as duplexes and condos, and commercial properties, such as high rise apartment buildings.     There are a number of benefits to investing in a multi-family property rather

All About Build-to-Rent Development: Why the Increase in Popularity?

The build-to-rent sector has been booming steadily in the past years alongside the general demand for market-rate housing. Nowadays, the build-to-rent type of housing has more demand than ever, and many real estate developers and investors are interested in it. But, why the sudden increase in popularity in build-to-rent development?       What is

Best Commercial Real Estate Opportunities in North Carolina

Although the stock market is still one of the most popular ways to invest money many people are looking for different ways to invest. Commercial real estate continues to grow in popularity as one of the top ways in which you can invest your money and receive excellent returns.     North Carolina has a

Update On The Exchange At Rock Hill: September 2021

One of the projects we’re most excited about is showing some great progress:     The Exchange at Rock Hill.     This development may seem like it’s been a long time coming as it first began in 2018 when the parcel of land was sold by the City of Rock Hill, but The Exchange

Housing Rental Trends Across The U.S

It is another time of the year where the recurring question comes up, whether to buy or rent a house. This has been a critical question for ages and may still be relevant for years to come.   Buying or renting space are the two relevant options available for having a living space. Before deciding

Top Benefits of Multi-family Housing Development

Do you want to invest in North Carolina real estate or real estate in the southeastern U.S.? If so, multi-family housing is a category you can’t afford to ignore. These buildings fall into the category of residential real estate. Still, they differ from traditional housing options in a significant way. Whereas single-family homes house one

Top 10 Commercial Real Estate Development Areas in The U.S.

The American dream is all about building your path to success, so it’s no surprise that there are millions of businesses in this nation. Creating and growing a business can be a fantastic opportunity. Still, you’ll need a welcoming property for clients and employees alike.   Are you unsure how to develop existing land into

Current State of Housing in the U.S. – Shortages & Trends

The demand for multi-family residential units has exploded over the past few decades. There are several attributed factors, including an increase in those moving to city centers with limited space. Multi-family units provide a sense of community without taking up a large plot of land. These are also perfect for those looking to downsize from

The Future Of North Carolina’s Real Estate Market

The real estate landscape of the United States has seen a massive shift to support a strong seller’s market. The demand for properties is at an all-time high and inventory is at an all-time low. According to recent statistics, the national inventory average is only 3 months, this is the lowest it has been in