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Beau McIntosh is one of the managing partners at Catalyst Capital Partners, who oversees the firm’s multi-family real estate development and investment. Along with fellow partner A.J. Klenk, Beau is also a founder and partner at Capstone Apartment Partners, one of our country’s largest private sales brokerage firms specializing in multi-family investment. Along with his great success in commercial real estate, Beau is active in the Charlotte community and was named one of Charlotte Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” in 2013.

Earlier this year, Beau interviewed with Capital Analytics Associates about the future of Charlotte’s real estate market. Read on to learn some of Beau’s insights.

Beau’s Outlook on Multi-Family Real Estate in Charlotte

In recent years, multi-family housing has become a big deal in real estate. Beau thinks he knows why. “With the changing preferences in lifestyle and mobility, multi-family housing has provided a means for people to live in higher quality units in better locations without the expense, responsibility, and inflexibility of owning a home,” Beau says.

Like many industries, multi-family real estate has suffered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and other global events, which have led to inflation, labor shortage and supply chain issues. To navigate these constraints, Beau has guided Catalyst to be more conservative when planning new projects. “We’re asking more questions than we’ve ever asked before to stay proactive versus reactive and be best positioned ahead of any potential issue,” Beau explains.

Beau has been a resident of Charlotte since graduating college and he’s witnessed the city grow tremendously in those years. With the Charlotte area becoming one of the most desirable places to live in the United States, the metro has experienced a huge influx of people and the multi-family real estate market has become very competitive. “The market is more competitive than ever, especially in our space,” Beau says. “Everybody is pursuing the right deal and the right story to capture opportunities in our high growth environment.”

Asked why the Charlotte area has recently attracted so many people and businesses, Beau answers, “It’s a great place to do business and grow your business given the quality of talent in the region – business growth feeds population growth and vice versa.” Now that the pandemic is over and people are continuing to flock to Charlotte, interest rates are beginning to rise. Some in the multi-family real estate industry are concerned by the economic consequences of this growth. “I think the goal is to ensure that proper measures are taken at the macro level that don’t have extended consequences at the micro-level that adversely affect the great economic activity we are experiencing right now,” Beau says. “I think it’s about setting a moderate pace in contemplating any greater policy change.”

Despite concerns over inflation and interest rates, Beau is optimistic about the future of Charlotte’s multi-family market. “We have experienced incredible rent growth and home value increases that were long overdue to bring Charlotte in line with other peer markets,” Beau explains. “If you look at what we offer, we’re still comparatively the affordable alternative to other cities, such as Nashville, Tampa and Austin. We offer a very similar high quality of life at a lower cost to the consumer.”

Are You Seeking to Invest in Charlotte’s Multi-Family Real Estate?

Beau McIntosh and his peers at Catalyst Capital Partners are committed to developing new, premium multi-family housing projects in the Charlotte area. Get in touch with us today if you’d like to discuss multi-family investment opportunities in Charlotte or anywhere else in the Southeast!