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While real estate across most of the United States is struggling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, some metro areas have adapted and are bouncing back quicker than others.

Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina, is one such area. With close to 900,000 people living in the city and an estimated 2.6 million in the greater metropolitan area, Charlotte is one of the largest metros in the USA, and also one of the fastest growing. Charlotte’s GDP has increased by 59% during the last decade, and in 2020 the city saw a 2% population increase while most major cities lost citizens during the pandemic.

The main reason that Charlotte has flourished while other cities are struggling is because its primary industries include finance, business and information technology, all of which were able to transition to remote work rather easily during the COVID outbreak.

Charlotte’s convenient location, vibrant culture and thriving entertainment scene have also contributed to its popularity as a place to live.

Why Choose Charlotte?

Now that you’ve chosen to invest in multi-family real estate instead of a single-family home, the question remains: why pick Charlotte? Here are three great reasons:

Excellent Job Market

Charlotte is a major hub for business, finance and IT work. Many entry-level and upper-level jobs in these lucrative fields are available in the city and its suburbs, making Charlotte a great place for working professionals to live.

Great Cuisine and Entertainment

Everyone loves food and a show, and Charlotte has plenty of options to offer. The city features many acclaimed restaurants of a variety of cultural backgrounds including Cajun, Vietnamese and Indian. Charlotte is also home to a growing arts scene, with many music and theater venues.

Location, Location, Location

Charlotte is one of the most conveniently located cities in the United States! Within the city, the LYNX Blue Line is a quick and easy form of public transit. Charlotte’s also within driving distance of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains, as well as other big cities like Atlanta and Charleston, and houses one of the largest international airports in the country.

Invest in Multi-Family Real Estate in Charlotte

Catalyst Capital Partners is dedicated to the development of high-quality residential and commercial multi-family real estate in the Charlotte area. If you’re looking to invest in top-dollar multi-family real estate, we encourage you to contact Catalyst today so that we can help you invest in the best properties in Charlotte!